What’s a typical Tiny Tutus class like?
Tiny Tutus offers a structured but enjoyable class for children to learn the fundaments of classical ballet. For the Grown Up and Me class we spend about half the class learning basic ballet movements including a curtsey, pointing toes, first positions etc. The second half of the class is more creative – we will visit Winnie the Pooh one week, the magical toy shop the next… and we incorporate ballet movements within this section. Tiny Tutus and Talented Tutus classes concentrate on pre-primary and primary ballet movements, for example plies, tendus, gallops and port de bras.

What should my child wear for class?
For Grown Up and Me classes anything that your child can move in easily is fine – ie leggings or a skirt and t-shirt, and bare feet please as floors can be slippery! If you’d like to buy a ballet outfit or shoes that would be super, but please, no fairy or princess costumes as they really distract the other children! For Baby Ballet please see the uniform page for more information, and for Pre Primary and Primary classes via D2Dance, please consult the D2Dance website.

Where are classes held?
We run classes weekly at Hildenborough Village Hall. See the timetable for more information.
To book Tiny Tutus to come to your nursery please contact Miss Sarah directly.

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