How to entertain your little ones with dance during the lockdown

This is a strange time for all, and trying to keep toddlers entertained in the house for 23 hours a day is no mean feat… so I thought you might find a few dance ideas to hold your own Tiny Tutus classes at home useful,and maybe these might help to fill a few moments of the long day.

The wonder of washi tape

Washi tape is one of my favourite dance class accessories: anyone who has attended any of my classes will know that I use these handy tapes for all sorts of things in my lessons. In your house, they are great to use in the hallway, living room or kitchen floors, anywhere with a hard surface that is big enough for a few steps at least. If you break the washi tape into small, 2/3cm pieces, they can become stepping stones -you can cross the crocodile filled swamp, or tiptoe across them to reach the princess palace, whichever way your imaginations want to go. You can also use one long strip, zigzagging in different directions if you like, to make a wobby bridge, don’t fall off! Ask your toddler if they can go across the bridge backwards, sideways, hopping, skipping or jumping – and make it into a story too to bring it to life. Perhaps they are rescuing their teddy from a volcano (the sofa?!), or going across the bridge to visit the jungle. Don’t hold back, the more exciting the better!

Scarves (or tea towels, ribbons, whatever you can find)

I use these often in my classes too. The brightly coloured chiffon scarves are always appealing to little hands, and as the children get older there is generally a colour preference! Scarves can be imagined into all sorts of things: I use them as wings, mice tails, reins for horses, cleaning cloths (pretend ones, as Cinderella) and simply to throw and catch. Take your toddler for a visit to the farm and become the donkeys, mice and owls. Reimagine the Cinderella story with them (bibbidy bobbidy boo is a lovely song to sing together whilst conjuring some magic spells).

Magic wands

You don’t need a proper sparkly wand, just a stick will do, although if you want to fill a few more moments then do make your own wand (go for it with a stick, ribbons, stickers, glitter and anything else that takes your fancy). Your toddler’s wand can transport them to wherever they want to go: the beach, the playground, a castle, the moon! Make up a little routine to enable the magic to work, perhaps they need to spin around three times, jump up high then touch their toes – a short sequence of steps is great for memory as well as encouraging movement. Make it as simple or tricky as you like. I am always amazed by how capable even the youngest Tiny Tutu-ers are.

Over the next few days I plan to record some Tiny Tutus classes so you can do these at home with your little dancers, but I hope that these ideas might keep you entertained in the meantime, for a little while at least.

Miss Sarah x

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Ballet school for pre schoolers and toddlers based in Hildenborough and surrounding areas (Kent).

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